Chelveston Road School values the opportunity to take students on educational visits. We believe these opportunities support students’ learning as well as their wider holistic understanding of the world in which we live.

Our Curriculum Departments provide a range of curricular and non-curricular educational visits linked to their subject area or interest.

Trips may include:

  • Visits to a local museum
  • Visiting local businesses
  • Field studies
  • Adventurous activity providers

As the school grows we aim to provide at least one residential experience for each student during their time at Chelveston Road School.

For each trip we require the following information in place:

  • Consent Form
  • Medication Form
  • Signed code of conduct
  • Payment, if required
  • Repeat Local Visits

For local visits taking place during the school day, that do not involve adventurous activities, we ask parents / carers to sign a one off form that gives full parental consent for future visits taking place during the school day only whilst your child is a student at the School.

For educational visits taking place outside the school day, residential and adventurous activities we will require a full consent form to be completed. If your child requires medication to be taken with them, or has any medical needs, staff need to be aware, so it is important the medication section of the consent form is completed with full details.