General Uniform

All students

Black school trousers (NOT denim, jeans, corduroy or leggings) or black school skirt - this should be knee length.

Plain black or grey socks, or plain black or flesh coloured tights.

Either purple or grey polo shirt with logo, or plain white shirt with school tie.

School V neck jumper or cardigan with school logo and purple stripe.

A grey school blazer with purple stripe and logo.

A coat is advisable in cold and / or wet weather.

All students

Shoes must be plain black.


All students

Grey and purple sports t-shirt.

Plain black shorts / tracksuit bottoms – both available from the uniform shop but also available elsewhere.

Appropriate sports trainers must be worn for all PE lessons; fashion trainers / shoes must not be worn.

Optional – plain black sweatshirt, NOT a hoodie, for use in cold weather.


Mainly for safety reasons, jewellery is not considered suitable for school. If earrings are worn they must be ‘stud’ or ‘sleeper’ earrings (one in each ear only), these must be removed for PE lessons by the pupil. Staff are not able to assist with this. Body piercing is not acceptable. A watch may also be worn.


Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable and hair may only be dyed to a naturally occurring colour. Long hair must be tied back for practical subjects, such a PE lessons, DT and Cooking and Nutrition.

Make Up

Make up, including nail varnish, is not to be worn. False / acrylic nails are not to be worn.  False eye lashes are not to be worn.


All uniform items are available from:

Uniform Shop Wellingborough
8 Olympic Way,

01933 426433

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